Biomass boilers receive emission certification

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This article was produced by Commercial Greenhouse Grower (Page 7 of February 2015 edition) – Greenhouse Feb 2015_Page 7.

Since late 2013, all RHI eligible biomass boilers have had to comply with emission limits on dust and NOx. RHI is only paid for boilers that are certified to meet the RHI standards and this applies to both non-domestic and domestic RHI.

ARG Biomass’ range of Graso biomass boilers from 30 to 999kW have received the full RHI emission
certificate that allows the boilers to be used for non-domestic use in Great Britain. Graso boilers can be operated using different types of fuel. The batch-loaded boilers predominantly use straw but, of course, the area of the country has a bearing on the selection of the fuel source. Boilers that run on wood chips/pellets or straw pellets have automatic feeding systems from a hopper on the side of the boiler.

The RHI certification can also satisfy the requirements for claiming Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA). The directors of ARG Biomass said: “In addition to the cost savings that we can offer and the financial benefits from the RHI scheme, the Graso boilers help our customers comply with environmental concerns”.

One customer using a Graso boiler is Paul Macpherson who has an amazing niche business growing eucalyptus plants to feed the thirty or so koala bears in zoos across Europe – they eat a surprising amount of young plants! He grows the plants on his 30 acre farm in South Devon both in the open and also a range of polytunnels and one agricultural building. The eucalyptus plants require heat, and the 199kW boiler has it’s own source of fuel, the eucalyptus waste.

ARG Biomass is a specialist supplier of straw fired boilers on industrial, agricultural and horticultural sites. Our expertise lies in setting up RHI eligible installations, maximising return on investment. For information, advice or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

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