"ARG Biomass is a specialist supplier of straw fired boilers on industrial, agricultural and horticultural sites"

Our expertise lies in setting up RHI eligible installations, maximising return on investment

Biomass Boilers

We supply biomass boilers made in Poland through Graso, a producer of these types of equipment for over 10 years. They have equipped several hundred facilities in Poland and abroad. Their biomass boilers are compact, reliable and will serve you for a long time.


ARG biomass is your ideal RHI partner. We work with you to design, manufacture, install and service your RHI qualifying installation. With our full engineering facility and in-house fabrication expertise, we will deliver a solution bespoke to your specific needs.

Biomass Boiler Guide

Working in partnership with Graso, we have created a Biomass Boiler guide so that you can start to collate key information based on your requirements. This includes outputs, dimensions, fuel usage, water capacity, bale sizes and a raft of other detailed information you might need!