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ARG Biomass is a specialist supplier of straw fired boilers for industrial and agricultural use. Our expertise lies in setting up RHI eligible installations, fully accredited, emissions tested and for all straw types, up to 1,000Kw boilers.

Based in Hertfordshire, we work with you to design, manufacture, install and service your RHI qualifying installation. With our full engineering facility and in-house fabrication expertise, we will deliver a solution bespoke to your specific needs.

ARG Biomass is a Ltd company with three directors:

Rob Jones
Rob’s 15 years experience in Motorsport ranging from touring cars to formula one culminated this part of his career as Number 1 mechanic for Virgin F1. He then moved on with his mechanical knowledge to work in the family business of Guy and Wright Ltd in Hertfordshire where they have grown the best British Tomatoes for the past 90 years. Using his organisational skills within the team Rob has brought new life into the business, and is endorsing the green ethic with the use of the Grasso Straw Boiler. The biomass installation at Guy and Wright was where ARG biomass was born.
Arkadiusz Dobrowolski

Arkadiusz Dobrowolski sealed his education in Poland with a first class honours degree in Forestry. Arek has been based in the UK for the past 8 years in his role as manager of the renewable enterprises for Guy and Wright. These consist of electricity generated from Micro Turbines which are fuelled by methane gas, one of the end products of the onsite AD plant. His engineering know how and ability to problem solve have been invaluable in his present position. The successful installation of the Grasso Straw Boiler which was instigated by him has proved to be a very worthwhile and valuable investment. This installation was the first in the UK for ARG biomass.

Gerald King 

Gerald’s story begins began when, Langham King, his great grandfather, provided a well-boring and pump repair service within his local Lea Valley area. This was expanded in 1946 when Langham’s son, Leonard F. King, along with his son John King, took the business into the repair of steam boilers, agricultural traction engines and industrial boiler plant.

During WWII the Lea Valley became increasingly important providing the country with much of its fresh salad produce. A large part of the Lea Valley’s Nursery Greenhouse industry had Pipe work installations carried out by Kings. The Lea Valley also had numerous factories geared to Aircraft Repairs, Furniture Manufacture, Agro-Fertilisers, as well as Power Stations and Breweries amongst just a few

Gerald today brings a wealth of industrial heating and fuel control related knowledge, forward into the new era of Green Energies.

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