ARG biomass is a specialist provider of Straw Boiler, Air Heater and Grain Drying solutions for industrial and agricultural schemes. This part of our website shows you the types of straw fired water boilers and air heaters we can supply, design, build and service for you.

Boilers    Pre-Furnace Chambers    Air Heaters and Grain Drying

In partnership with Graso….


We work in partnership with Graso to supply and install these types of equipment. Graso products are compact, reliable and will serve you for a long time. They are characterized by high efficiency, have all necessary certificates and comply with the flue gases emission standards. ARG Biomass provide a 12-month guarantee and post-guarantee service. Our offer includes equipment fired with pressed straw in circular bales or cube forms: water boilers, air heaters for grain drying facilities or heating buildings and pre-furnace chambers to fit to existing boilers.  We supply devices with power range from 25kW to 2.5 MW.

Graso have used their experience to modernize the construction of their boilers and heaters. The combustion chamber of the air heaters are lined with thermal ceramic insulation. The boilers and heaters incorporate an ash pit . The boilers have ash pits which enable the ash to be raked from the rear part of the furnace. After burning off 70% of the fuel charge, the ash is pushed to the ash pit with the next bale or cube. This leads to maintaining the stability of the temperature (especially when using the air heaters for grain  drying). Reducing the problem of raking the ashes, is another advantage of this solution. Input doors in water boilers are cooled with water.

We can supply heaters for burning of eco-pea coal, with the power range from 300kW to 2MW. They are equipped with retort burners automatic fuel feeding.

ARG Biomass can design and install these products to suit your particular needs and requirements.




  1. Hi
    We are looking to yous straw as fuel
    we need hot water and electrice. 250Kw
    Best contact No 07545429105
    all the best

    • Thanks for your enquiry John. We will be in touch shortly. Rob

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