Biomass Boilers

We supply biomass boilers made in Poland through Graso, a producer of these types of equipment for over 10 years.  They have equipped several hundred facilities in Poland and abroad.  Their biomass boilers are compact, reliable and will serve you for a long time.  They are characterised by high efficiency, have all the necessary certificates and comply with the flue gases emission standards.

Images of the biomass boilers we can provide can be seen below and beneath the images is a sizing guide you should also consider and we will advise you on.

Water Boilers available through ARG Biomass

Water Boiler Sizing Guide


TYP Power Fuel

KNS 150

150 kW

8 bales # 40x50x80

KNS 199

199 kW

1 bale 120

KNS 250

250 kW

1 bale # 200x120x80

KNS 300

300 kW

1 bale 150

KNS 400

400 kW

2 bales 120

KNS 500

500 kW

2 bales 150

KNS 750

750 kW

2 bales 150

KNS 980

980 kW

4 bales 90x120x240

KNS 1,000

1,000 kW

3 bales 150

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